Azure DevOps Tutorial: How To Sign-Up An Azure DevOps Account

Azure DevOps Tutorial: How To Sign-Up An Azure DevOps Account


If you search for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) tool for your project/application, Azure DevOps is a good bargain you can find the market. It’s has a lot of features that your DevOps team need. The capability to integrate with other 3rd -Party or External extension also make Azure DevOps among the “leader” in CI tools in the market. This post I will help you on how to sign-up for Azure DevOps for 1st time.


1.     You only need a valid email which any email provider available in the market, the simplest you can use your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Live, etc. As long as your email is valid and it can be sent an email is enough.

2.     You must have Azure Cloud Account to be able sign-up with Azure DevOps. Azure Account is required since Azure DevOps will be linked with your Azure Cloud subscription for future billing.

Step 1: Azure DevOps Sign-Up Page

You can sign-up for Azure DevOps with this URL->, and you will be redirected below the page. Click the “Start free” to go the Azure DevOps registration page;


Step 2: Azure DevOps Organization & Project Setup

As a primary requirement, you need to have an Azure Cloud subscription. Hence Azure DevOps will be detected your email used for Azure Cloud and used it back for Azure Sign-up like below. For 1st time Azure DevOps will create an Organization with your email name, which “najibradzuan” like below email. Then you have to put your 1st Project Name(1)and Project Visibility(2). This information you can change it in later time as this only 1st-time setup.


Once, you clicked “Continue” button, and Azure DevOps will create your 1stOrganization and your Private Project. It will take some time to create your 1st Organization and Project:


Step 2.1 : Azure DevOps Welcome Email

You will get a Welcome email from Azure DevOps which indicate that you successfully registered and created your Azure DevOps account. The email will look like below;


Step 3: Your 1st Azure DevOps Dashboard

Once Azure DevOps created your 1st Azure DevOps Organization(1) & Project(2), you will be redirected to Azure DevOps Dashboard like above. On the left bottom corner, you can see the Organization Setting(3), this is the menu that you can update your organization setting like Organization Name, Setting, Extension, Project Visibility, Azure DevOps Features, etc.

Step 4: Your 1st Azure DevOps Project Dashboard

If we click our 1st project, we will be redirected to Azure DevOps Project Overview page like below;


We can see in this page, its contain with Project Name(1), Project Setting(2), Project Overview/Description(3), Project Stats(4)which usually include statistic of your CI/CD pipeline with the percentage of success or failure rate, and last we have Project Member(5) at the right-bottom corner.


In this tutorial we have learned how to:

  1. Go to Azure DevOps Sign-Up page.
  2. What needed for Azure DevOps in Registration page.
  3. Created our 1st Azure DevOps Organization and Project.
  4. What in Azure DevOps's Project Overview page.

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