Azure Cloud Tutorial: How To Register Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Azure Cloud Tutorial: How To Register Microsoft Azure Cloud?

If you new to Cloud technology and you are currently using most of Microsoft product such as .NET or .NET Core application/services, you probably want to sign-up for Microsoft Azure Cloud. Here I will show you how to sign-up or register for Free Trial account Azure Cloud. This tutorial no technical prerequisite or requirement; the only thing you need is your Card Credit information. But don't worry Microsoft would charge you on Free Trial account this only for future reference for payment because you probably wish to continue with their "Pay-As-You-Go" subscription. Then you don't need to put the payment information anymore, and if you want to discontinue Azure Cloud, you can proceed to cancel your Azure subscription, that's it!.

Step 1 : Register Free Trial Account

You may go to sign-up URL-> to register Free Trial Account for Azure Cloud. Click on Start free button below to start;

Step 2 : Basic Information & Payment Details

You will redirect to fill up all the basic information like "About You", "Payment" which your Card Credit detail and then you need agree to their Agreement before your sign-up.

Step 3 : 1st Time in Azure Cloud Portal

Once you clicked Sign-up , then you will redirected to 1st page like below and then you click Go to the portal button to go your Azure Portal dashboard;

Step 4 : Azure Cloud Portal Dashboard

You will redirected to your dashboard(1) like above, for the 1st time you can see in Notification expandable menu, Azure Cloud shown your Free Trial Credit(2) left and Azure Advisor Recommendation(3).

Step 4.1: Azure Welcome Email

You also will get Azure Cloud Welcome email like below stated that you have Free Trial credit ($200) ;

That's it, now you have your own Azure Cloud with Free Trial Account. You proceed to create Azure Resource like Resource Group, WebApp, etc.


In this tutorial we learned :

  1. How to go to Azure Register page.
  2. Create the Free Trial  Azure Cloud Account.

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