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Welcome to the DevOps4Me forum, personal blogs and the DevOps-focused community. We do our hardest to make sure that the comments on our posts remain clear of troll, spam and violence, but we're not omnipresent. The comment section can be a wonderful place to connect with fans, authors and also create engaging conversation — it can be a better place for both of us! To make sure you have a nice experience here on the DevOps4Me site, please be sure to obey the following guidelines:

  • Be polite – don’t be rude to anyone and respect others. If something you would say would get you bottled on the head offline, please don’t say it here. Remember there is a person behind the screen and that your words affect people.
  • Don’t troll. We appreciate and welcome criticism towards writers here, but comments that add no value to the discussion or that are merely insulting would be deleted without exception.
  • Spam? Goodbye. We understand that you may make thousands of dollars working from home, however, we are not interested. Please refrain from posting or we’ll give you a hand and show both you and your post the door.

Or put it in a clear statement, our instructions come down or 'Don't be a dick.' When you will not obey all of these rules, not only do our moderators delete the post, but we will also bar you from engaging in the discussions.
If you see any comments that break our rules, please be sure to 'label' or 'mark as spam' – our moderators appreciate your help!

Happy commenting!

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